About Us

Our aim is to revolutionize the women’s health market

We have developed a unique concept in the field of smart therapies and diagnostics which has the potential to revolutionize the women’s health market.

Management Team


Willem de Laat MD PhD MBA

Willem is the visionary father of LiGalli and acts as CEO and CTO of the company. His responsibilities are product development, partnerships and external communication.


Frédérique Steels MSc MBA

Bringing extensive experience in corporate finance, her responsibilities at LiGalli are finance, legal & tax and leading the fundraising efforts. She will also play a role in the negotiation of partnerships.

Director Pharma and Technology

Victor Nickolson PhD

Victor has researched many different molecules in his career and developed many new medications. He has a broad interest in the pharmaceutical market, also in technical aspects of medical devices and diagnostic principles.

Director Clinical and Sensoring

Maarten Wiegerinck MD PhD

The creative mind of the company, Maarten has developed innovative devices and has always believed in the diagnostical potential of the mucosal wall, ever since he his thesis work which covered the topic.

Project Manager LiGalli MedRing

Martin Walraven MSc Pharmacist

He is an experienced Project Manager.Spent his whole life working for various top 20 ranking International pharmaceutical companies, bringing innovative products from Research to commercialisation

Business Development Manager

Barry van Amsterdam MSc

Barry has developed an innovative new valuation model as certified valuation manager and implemented it in the business case of LiGalli's lead compound.

Supervisory Board

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Cees van den Heijkant MSc

Supervisory Board member

Godert Vinkesteijn MSc RC

Supervisory Board member

Carl Thys MSc Pharmacist