Our Science

Intelligent drug delivery and diagnostics

Our MedRings are developed for drug delivery and/or diagnostics. The heart of this device is an electromechanical system. The vaginal route of drug delivery can also be typified as a ‘semi-parenteral’ route and the uptake of medication(s) by the vaginal mucosa is excellent. Direct action at target, no first-pass via the liver as in gastro-intestinal uptake. In addition, compounds with a low bioavailability or high first-pass effect in chronic diseases are well suited for this route of drug delivery. The vaginal mucosa has proven to be an excellent place for diagnostics, due to the close vicinity of dense vascularization. Recently, a high accuracy in detecting various chemical compounds and hormones was found. First pilots show the electromechanical nature of the product makes it ‘smart’ and provides flexibility in dosage, schedule and timing. The device can be wirelessly adjusted and controlled.

functional demonstrator of the LiGalli ring

A functional demonstrator of the LiGalli ring is ready. An iPhone makes contact with this demonstrator that is immersed in a bowl of water. The video shows the release of blue droplets after the app logs the temperature and a preprogrammed schedule of release of one dose per 6 seconds is started.For FullScreen click icon.